Hi, I'm Heerko Groefsema

I am a seasoned motion designer with over 15 years of expertise in transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences. My journey is a testament to my commitment to excellence in the world of motion design.

Crafting Visual Stories

My adventure began with website design in Photoshop, where I honed my skills in shaping digital spaces. The era of Macromedia Flash marked my introduction to animation, especially for website introductions, igniting my passion for dynamic storytelling.

The transition from Flash to After Effects marked a pivotal moment, unlocking the potential to breathe life into 2D images. In an era without tutorials, I delved into self-teaching, laying the foundation for my craft. During my studies in Communication and Multimedia Design, I embraced the freedom to explore animation, a passion not confined by the curriculum.

Nurturing Expertise

My journey took a significant leap with an internship at a Dutch media broadcasting network, where I delved into the intricacies of 3D design and animation within the Promo and Design department. This experience set the stage for a graduation internship at a leading international Motion Design Agency, Onesize, propelling my skills to new heights.

The Independent Path

Post-graduation, I ventured into the realm of an independent 3D motion designer. This chapter unfolded with a diverse array of projects, each contributing to the evolution of my creative journey.

Generalist in Motion Design

As a senior motion designer, I embody the essence of a generalist in the field. My proficiency extends across various styles and techniques. Whether collaborating within a team or independently steering projects, I bring a structured approach to navigate from concept to execution. From mood boards to style boards, animatics, and the final product, each step is infused with my passion for storytelling.

Embracing Innovation

Proficient in integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI into my workflow, I am fueled by curiosity, fostering a continuous exploration of innovative techniques. This commitment expands my creative possibilities, ensuring that every project I undertake is an opportunity for artistic evolution.

Dedication to Excellence

My journey in the world of design and animation is an ongoing odyssey of skill enhancement. I am unwaveringly dedicated to crafting visually appealing and innovative creations that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression.


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Nijverheidsweg 6
3534 AM  Utrecht
The Netherlands

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