Trust Forta Gaming Headset for PS5


Explore my collaboration with Trust International B.V., a Dutch company specializing in digital lifestyle accessories since 1983. I had the opportunity to contribute to their project, focusing on the GXT 498 FORTA Powerful over-ear gaming headset. In this endeavor, I created the 3D animations to showcase the headset's key features, highlighting its design aesthetics, premium materials, comfortable wear, and official licensing for PS5™. To underscore its eco-friendly design, I crafted a simple yet impactful 2D animation featuring leaves emanating from the headphone. This visual element subtly communicates Trust's dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Take a closer look at this project and more in my portfolio, where I bring creativity and functionality together to amplify the digital presence of brands like Trust International B.V.



Forta Wired Motion DesignForta Wired Motion Design
Forta Wired 3D renderingForta Wired 3D rendering
Forta Wired 3D AnimatieForta Wired 3D Animatie
Forta Wired 2D AnimatieForta Wired 2D Animatie