Philips OLED+ Screenfill 2021


For Philips/TP Vision and advertising agency Two Fish, I had the pleasure of creating a screenfill specifically designed for the Philips OLED+ TV range.

A screenfill, also known as a screen mockup, serves multiple purposes. It simulates content for lifestyle photography and packaging while showcasing vivid colors and gradients, demonstrating the TV's exceptional color reproduction and visual performance.

Additionally, the screenfill highlights the revolutionary Ambilight feature, a unique lighting technology developed by Philips. Ambilight dynamically projects light onto the surrounding wall, creating an immersive viewing experience and enhancing image quality.

As a homage to the OLED+ name, I incorporated an anamorphic illusion within the screenfill, revealing a distinct "+" symbol when the camera aligns at a specific spot. Set against a serene city street at sunset, the screenfill captures the enchanting ambiance inspired by the city lights. Two people leisurely walk outside a theater, adding a touch of human connection to the scene.

This screenfill offers a glimpse of the exceptional entertainment experience that awaits with the Philips OLED+ TV. Immerse yourself in the captivating mood and vibrant colors of city life as you indulge in your favorite content on a Philips OLED+ TV.